Hey there!

I’m Devin Baker.

I’m obsessed with one really big question - how do we live better?

There are a couple things I’ve come to believe in my pursuit of answers to these questions:

  • I believe in the power of leadership

  • And I believe in the power of connection

I believe leadership is an art

In fact, I believe leadership is the art of pursuing a richer life.

And I don’t mean leadership as we traditionally think of it - fancy job titles, corner offices, and keynote speeches in front of crowds.

Those of us who are leaders, lead in every aspect of our life, not just when someone bestows a leadership title upon us.

I believe leadership is the art of seeking, becoming, and serving.

  • We seek truth. We follow our curiosity, and ask the questions that matter

  • We are perpetually in process of becoming. We change and grow where we must, using truth and integrity as our guides. We know life is an infinite game, and we plan to play it

  • We serve something bigger than ourselves. We search for work worth doing. Work in service of a mission. Work that’s deeply human in nature, and makes a difference

You see, leadership and connection are, well, connected

Leadership is human.

The deeper we connect to our humanity, first to ourselves, then to the world and others around us, the more tools we have at our disposal.

If leadership is an art, then I believe connection gives us the tools we need to make it.

And courage is the inspiration - the activation energy we need to practice it all.

  • It starts with self-leadership. The courage to turn inward, do the work of self-exploration, and connect to who we are authentically, and what guides us

  • Then, and only then, we connect with others. Connection comes from vulnerability, which, you guessed it, starts with ourselves

So, what is The Comma Project?

Look - as we mentioned, leaders are already on their way.

But I know it ain’t easy, and it can be lonely.

The Comma Project exists to help.

It’s a space to fuel your leadership journey, to pull you forward, further, faster.

It’s also a space to foster connections - to bring leaders together, to make each of our projects less lonely, and more rich, fun, and fulfilling.

I ask the questions that matter of life, leadership, and connection, and I share the ideas and stories that fuel me along in my process.

So, if you:

  • Hate small talk

  • Love asking “Why?”

  • Somehow manage to fit an ungodly amount of “self development” podcasts in your days

  • Can’t help it

  • And wonder if you’re the only one?

Then you’re like me, and I think you’re going to like it here.

This is my project.

The Comma Project.

And I invite you to join me.

Some suggestions to get you started

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